Monday, July 10

The Beginning

Im creating this blog because lately I've been at a stand still when it comes to photography. I recently went on a trip to Chicago where i visited this bookstore and stumbled upon this book that was dedicated to toy cameras. Long story short, the book was fascinating to the point that i decided to acquire a toy camera of my own. I have a collection of SLR's, DSLR's, medium format, you name it but nothing has brought me as much joy as my new plastic fantastic. The beauty of the toy camera is is that you do not take yourself too serious and i believe anything you do that you love should be fun and not feel like a chore.
To be honest i would love to rant  and rave all day about toy cameras but I'm not because thats what this blog was created for... to tell the story of my toy camera adventures. I will be updating as much as possible so whoever stumble upon this blog and read this, feel free to follow or check back for updated post.